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Partnership WorkingPartnership working is recognised as a crucial means of improving social care services, and is a n

Saneta deVuono-powell, Chris Schweidler, Alicia Walters, and Azadeh INTRODUCTION leadership training to formerly and currently incarcerated people, their involved in the juvenile justice system, and we seek to use education, direct

Our firm believes in the public education institutions of the State of Texas. For over thirty years our firm has provided innovative, attentive and effective legal representation to Texas school districts and the professionals and…

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Keywords: professional development, in-service teachers, education change, investing in the continuous learning of their teachers as a major engine for the achievement (e.g., Garet et al., 2008, 2011; O'Dwyer et al., 2010; Powell et al., We turn now to introduce the articles included in the monograph, following the.